List currently installed latex beamertheme components

A latex beamertheme usually consist of the three components beameroutertheme, beamerinnertheme and beamercolortheme. You can easily make up your own presentation style by not only sticking to the predefined beamerthemes, but loading some components seperately after you have loaded the predefefined class.


In linux, first update your filesindex with updatedb as root. In a shell then type

for theme in beamertheme beameroutertheme beamerinnertheme beamercolortheme; do
   echo "For $theme you can use the following:";
   echo $(locate $theme|awk -F"$theme"'|.sty' '$0=$2');
   echo "";

Linebreaks are just to make it easier to read. From a windows machine search the explorer for beameroutertheme, beamerinnertheme, beamertheme, beamercolortheme to get the files. There you are! You now know which values you can use for the commands


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One comment on “List currently installed latex beamertheme components
  1. laclaro says:

    if you should not have noticed: I just switched to english. I hope you’ll understand anyway.

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