es|f buttons on ebay

You ask: wtf?

Okay, es|f is a php-based web frontend for esniper. esniper is a command-line auction sniping tool for ebay. Auction sniping is automated last-minute-bidding on web auctions. eBay is a large online market with the ability to offer your items as auctions.

You’re with me? 🙂

For this application I wrote a small userscript for greasemonkey which adds the ability to add the current item directly from the ebay-site to es|f on your webserver, running on your raspberry pi, your router or whatever. It’s done using some small javascript, which is applied on *.ebay.* sites to produce the new link. You can find the file here. I’ll soon add it also on


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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