synctex with rubber and gedit

Synctex is a system to navigate synchronously in you latex- and pdf-document. Many programs support it yet or at least use it internally. But unluckily my favorite latex post-processor rubber (which makes error-messages more readable) does not work with synctex.

To compile I normally used the external tool:

rubber -c "setlist arguments -shell-escape"
       --warn all -m pdftex --inplace
       --maxerr -1 --short "${GEDIT_CURRENT_DOCUMENT_NAME}"

The setlist arguments is a badly documented part of rubber, wich is generally able to pass options to the actual compiler pdflatex. Unfortunately a call as

rubber -c "setlist arguments -shell-escape -synctex=1"
       --warn all -m pdftex --inplace
       --maxerr -1 --short "${GEDIT_CURRENT_DOCUMENT_NAME}"

does not work. I solved this issue (see the bug-repots on this) by using a executable textfile with the following simple content:

/usr/bin/pdflatex --shell-escape --synctex=1 $*

In principle this sets the default options used for pdflatex by my user. With this my gedit external tool gets reduced to

rubber --warn all -m pdftex --inplace
       --maxerr -1 --short "${GEDIT_CURRENT_DOCUMENT_NAME}"



Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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