includesvg, the new way

inkscape-logoSome months after I described the  how to include svg files in latex documents Philip Ilten published his work on the latex-package svg which uses the inkscape approach we discussed here. The package adds some nice flexible features. I recommend everyone to use this package instead of out custom commands. Read the documentation here.

I’ll contact him to implement some rotation feature which some of you requested. This should be easy enough. The svg-package has to be loaded after other figure-like packages (subfig, wrapfigure, …), or option clash errors would occur. I’ll see that we get that fixed and that we insert the “which OS do I use”-test.

% command \ifKOMAClass{<do stuff>}

% set inkscape binary path according to operating-system
  \newcommand{\Inkscape}{inkscape }%
  \newcommand{\Inkscape}{"C:/Program Files (x86)/Inkscape/inkscape.exe" }%
  inkscape=\Inkscape -z -C,

Happy TeXing!


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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6 comments on “includesvg, the new way
  1. Adoa says:

    Just a small comment: you should no longer use subfig, use subcaption instead (source)

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  3. […] includesvg-example. Now it contains everything what was described here. Both the old way and the new way, including the operating system test and my version of the svg-package by Philip Ilten featuring […]

  4. Anonymous says:

    Laut Doku läuft es unter Windows nicht. Schade.

    Doesn’t work with Windows. Only Linux.

  5. laclaro says:

    Ich habe den obigen Code in lange meinem Windows System verwendet. Im Moment TeXe ich nicht mehr viel, daher ist es schon einige Monate her. Was funktioniert denn nicht?

    Viele Grüße

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