Getting a ride

Hitchhiking (oe hitch-hiking) is not only a cheap way to travel. You will also meet lots of people and have equally many conversations. Some of them are, of course, very boring and you’ll be asked the same questions every single time.

Here they are: “Where’re you from”, “how long have you been in Canada for?”, “did you like it so far?” , etc.

But sometimes you get picked up by very interesting people… And, and this is the best thing about hitchhiking foreign countries, most of them are locals, so you learn a bunch of things about the region that no guidebook can tell you.

However, in Canada there some highways where hitchhiking (or picking up people or both) is not allowed. The trans-canadian Hwy 1 is such a route. You can travel it anyway, because the only people that seem to care about this are cops and people who wouldn’t pick you up anyway.

Always allowed, and recommended, because always experienced by myself as the best oportunity, is asking people directly at gas stations, truck stops or on parking lots of rest areas, even traffic lights will enhance your chances. If there is such a chance, use it! And don’t be shy. Always try to use the local language. Every even mispelled word or broken sentence helps you!

Get on The road. Now!


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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