RFID-tracker? No more…

rfidTiny RFID-chips that can be read without direct contact or noise are really nice.They are even nicer because they use the energy of the incoming electromagnetic wave (request) to send back their answer. They can be placed anywhere: On the ears your livestock, mail, cloth tagss and even on your passport. Although the range of those passive chips is very small this is a threat for privacy because you probably wouldn’t even know if you were wearing a functional RFID chip that was read a few times a day.

In germany you could ask what other countries would do with the biometric data that is stored on the chip in your passport. Sometimes you would rather break it than give those things out of hand. That’s easy.

Option 1: The microwave. But this most likely will leave ugly traces behind. Anyway, the chip will be broken.

Option 2: The more elegant way would be to use a “RFID zapper”. Such an apparatus sends an electromagnetic pulse that is strong enough to break the chip but weak enough to leave the rest of you chip card, passport or whatever intact. With the flashlight-module of a simple camera you can easily tinker something nicely working on your own.

Be careful! The electric shock of the charged flashlight capacitor really hurts…


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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