XBMC is amazin, it just works!

Again and again I’m surprised by XBMC. Lately I enabled the built-in AirPlay feature for test purposes and was able to stream music from an IPhone device to the media center running on my raspberry pi immediately, while simultaneously controlling the media center from an android device using Yatse — Wow!

XBMC is such a sophisticated software. And it’s free, open-source (GPLv2) and comes with tons of addons by third-party programmers. On the pi it is the only thing I know that is able to output DTS, Dolby Digital and true multichannel audio. Everything else I tried to accomplish that with pulseaudio or alsa didn’t work yet. If you have hints for me concerning this — hell, tell me!


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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