SVG-based presentations

sozi.baierouge.frI always have been a fan of the vector graphics editor inkscape, as you can see from the icon on the welcome-page of this blog or the many articles that involved inkscape and LaTeX. Recently I got across a plugin that enables you to even create interactive slideshows as a single SVG-file with inkscape. For this you need an extension called sozi.

In contrary to prezi, which is a cloud-based, non-free, closed-source program to create flash-based (all-bad-in-one) presentations, sozi uses JavaScript embedded in the SVG-file to realize interactive animations and stuff. The approach is to organize your slides as a big map and only move the focus during the presentation.

Check out this impressive example here (click on the image, which is a simple svg!).


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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