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userscripts-logoSome months ago, I told you about great firefox addons. Greasemonkey, which adds bits of javascript to arbitrary sites was among them. On makeuseof you can read about userscripts to enhance your google search experience. Great one!

On http*://*google.*/search* I use four userscripts.

  1. Disable Google Search Result Redirect (#29812): disable tracking via google-redirects.
  2. Remove ads from google search (#176671): remove annoying ads above search list.
  3. Advanced Google Keys (#5711): navigate through google search with keys (arrows, p, n, t, numbers).
  4. SearchJump (#4233): try search also on other search-engines.

For most of them only google.com is treated by default, so you have to add the above filter.


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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  1. […] blogged already about the nicest firefox addons and improving google search by using greasemonkey userscripts. Only recently, I noticed, that the click-tracking redirection by […]

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