recent birthdays script

shell prompt iconSince a very long time I have used conky to display things on my desktop. For getting birthday notifications I today share a small script called, that outputs recent birthdays that were filtered from a text file with many birthday entries like FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME LASTNAME

by using awk. The output will be something like

08.04. Dasy McMillan
> 10.04.1955 Dad (59)
13.04.1987 Anne (27)

Today’s birthdays are marked with an arrow and other birthdays within the specified range of days are displayed. The script will also check the birthday list for changes and sort the content by date if it was changed lately, so you can just add new entries at the bottom and the lines will (after a while) be in chronological order. Have fun with this.


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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One comment on “recent birthdays script
  1. laclaro says:

    I’ve updated my script slightly to work even better.

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