Whatsapp with pidgin on Windows and Linux

I do not like Whatsapp. Not a bit. The reason is not, that it used to be very unsafe (today they claim to use a secure encryption), but rather that this affiliated company of the social media giant facebook has access to your contacts. That does not only include your own telephone number but also numbers, addresses etc. of all your friends and buisiness partners. Did you ask them, if you are allowed to give away their data? I doubt that. And although WhatsApp says that they do not store and use this data, I would doubt that. What should they hinder to do so? Who is able to keep track on that? After all, it’s facebook we’re dealing with.

But because Whatsapp is so popular, it is hard to avoid it completely. However, I found a nice compromise. You can install the software on your laptop! There is a plugin for the well-known messaging client pidgin, which works completely independently of every phone.

There is also a portable version which can be run from your pen-drive. The plugin for windows and linux can be found here. The plugin is free for linux only, but you may find a portable version of the software with WhatsApp plugin already included. But how to register without the official app? Or, if already registered, how to find username and password? That’s easy. Remember, WhatsApp is insecure. With the help of the simple python software yowsoup, you can register for WhatsApp of find your password without having the official App.

  1. Download and extract the zip archive on the right side of the page.
  2. Open a terminal (command line) and change to the directory of yowsoup
  3. Create a file config.txt in that directory with the following content
  4. In the command line, run the following command to request a new confirmation code
    yowsup-cli registration --requestcode sms --config config.txt
  5. Receive the code on your phone and get your password
    yowsup-cli registration --register <code-code> --config config.txt

Then youre done. You may add a WhatsApp account to pidgin using your phone number (as written in the config.txt file) and the received password. Of course, you have now to add contacts by yourself, because there is no address book to spy on.

After setting up the account in pidgin, you may get the message “Server closed the connection”. To circumvent this, change the default ressource in that very account to “Android-2.31.151-443” (see https://github.com/davidgfnet/whatsapp-purple/issues/73)

Be always careful in the digital country.


Peter Pan. Kann fliegen mit Feenstaub.

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2 comments on “Whatsapp with pidgin on Windows and Linux
  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks laclaro for this post.
    i have some questions:
    1. Do i need to provide my real phonenumber or can i fake it?
    2. If I use whatsapp on my laptop, won’t whatsapp get access to any data on my device then?
    3. in the yowsup-section of http://wiki.pidgin-im.de/doku.php?id=protokolle:whatsapp they give an example of a registry feedback :
    status: ok
    kind: free
    price: 0,89 €
    price_expiration: XXXXXXXXXX
    currency: EUR
    cost: 0.89
    expiration: XXXXXXXXXX
    login: 49XXXXXXXXXXX
    type: existing
    doesn’t this mean that you have to pay for that service?

    it seems that i will get forced to use whattsapp, ’cause i might start to work for a team and their members use it.
    So i really appreciate any answers on that question.
    thanks a lot again

    • laclaro says:


      sorry that it took me so long to answer your question. Pidgin only uses the simple whatsapp protocol to communicate with their servers. On a phone, whatsapp collects all data, they can get their hands on. On your laptop it is only metadata (who you are chatting with) and content (what are you talking about) but most importantly: no phone book!
      You don’t have to pay. Whatsapp is paid with data only. Always. And since they nowadays tend to use encrypted messages, I don’t know whether the plugin still works.

      Have you checked?



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