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What do nazis cook?

What do nazis cook? The answer is: vegan. Why? Because it’s in. There is a dangerous new wave of right-wing extremism in germany, which presents itself closer to the “ordinary people” as never before. Under the cloak of citizens’ initiatives

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RFID-tracker? No more…

Tiny RFID-chips that can be read without direct contact or noise are really nice.They are even nicer because they use the energy of the incoming electromagnetic wave (request) to send back their answer. They can be placed anywhere: On the

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“Krisenregionen verwechselt: Syrien erhält Rettungspaket, Griechenland wird bombardiert”

An dieser Stelle weise ich nicht nur auf das neue Design dieses Blogs hin, sondern möchte euch auch eine wundervolle Satirezeitschrift aus dem Internet empfehlen: Den Postillon (wikipedia). Die Überschrift dieses Beitrages stammt auch von dort. Die SZ schrieb jüngst

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Snowden: AES is safe

Journalists are still screening the documents Mr Snowden has provided. Every few days Guardian and New York Times come up with some new facts about NSA work. No wonder that Barack Obama wants him very badly. Yesterday there were news

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