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yMPD brand new

Earlier I told you about ympd. With the version of SuperBFG7 a number of nice new features found the way to the code. Check it out! Advertisements

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RPi als HDTV Streaming Server

Ein Raspberry Pi kann mit ein wenig Aufwand in eine multifunktionale Medienbox verwandelt werden. Ich habe ja früher schon über meine Liebe zum Music Player Daemon, mein Command-Keypad und jüngst über Netflix & Amazon Instant Video Addons berichtet. Ein weiterer Baustein ist

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Command Keypad

If have to admit, the idea of having some small physical keyboard to bind arbitrary commands to control my Raspberry Pi came up long time ago. After that I learned that you could control the Kodi media center running on that

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Whatsapp with pidgin on Windows and Linux

I do not like Whatsapp. Not a bit. The reason is not, that it used to be very unsafe (today they claim to use a secure encryption), but rather that this affiliated company of the social media giant facebook has

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Set links on custom bibtex-keys with bibtex OR biblatex

Long time ago, while working on my thesis I fumbled with bibtex (do NOT do this) that creates bibliographies from *.bib files using a horrible stack-based scripting language for the styling. I wanted to have references directly linked to the

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Disable google click-tracking

I blogged already about the nicest firefox addons and improving google search by using greasemonkey userscripts. Only recently, I noticed, that the click-tracking redirection by google search is not blocked anymore. To not being click-tracked, please use this userscript, Remove-Google-Redirection,

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Script: notify by e-mail before running out of disk space

I just wanted to share another useful script, that can be run as a cronjob and send a warning notification via e-mail if your disk is running out of space. You may check it out on pastebin. It is supposed

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Management of ProFTPD users with kolab-webadmin

ProFTPD is a versatile ftp server. I recently integrated it in my Kolab 3.3 server environment, so that user access be can easily organized by the standard kolab-webadmin. The design looks as follows: Kolab users are be able to login

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Record two audio sources simultaneously

Have you ever wanted to record microphone sources seperately and had no mixer deck at hand? Here is an interactive bash script that uses pulseaudio to combine two hardware-sources (sinks are also possible) as left and right channel of a

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AMaViS, SpamAssassin, roundcube and mySQL – a wedding story

Some time ago I blogged about fighting spam with amavis for the Kolab community. Now the story continues by means of the roundcube integration with amavis. As earlier mentioned spamassassin is able to store recipient-based preferences in a mysql table

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