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Management of ProFTPD users with kolab-webadmin

ProFTPD is a versatile ftp server. I recently integrated it in my Kolab 3.3 server environment, so that user access be can easily organized by the standard kolab-webadmin. The design looks as follows: Kolab users are be able to login

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AMaViS, SpamAssassin, roundcube and mySQL – a wedding story

Some time ago I blogged about fighting spam with amavis for the Kolab community. Now the story continues by means of the roundcube integration with amavis. As earlier mentioned spamassassin is able to store recipient-based preferences in a mysql table

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Fighting spam with amavis

Recently I set up a spam-filter for my Kolab 3.0 server system. There are plenty of how-tos out there, so I only highlight some bits of my setup. Since I’m running Kolab on Ubuntu Server 12.04 (always use LTS for

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Kolab 3 collaboration server on ubuntu

To me, eMail servers are one of the most complicated but most interesting things there are in the technical world. However, in the past I did some attempts to setup a full-featured eMail-Server environment using the Citadel and the Kolab

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