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Set links on custom bibtex-keys with bibtex OR biblatex

Long time ago, while working on my thesis I fumbled with bibtex (do NOT do this) that creates bibliographies from *.bib files using a horrible stack-based scripting language for the styling. I wanted to have references directly linked to the

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DOI links in

After a long period of absence, it is time to share a new tweak with you. Enjoy. Literature research has become very easy during the last decade: using databases of scientific journals you barely have to leave your office searching

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Literaturverzeichnis: DOI-Verlinkung

Nochmal eine Kleinigkeit zu bibtex-Literaturverzeichnissen: Die meisten naturwissenschaftlichen Journale lassen ihre Artikel mit LaTeX erstellen. Oft sieht man dabei, dass sie im Literaturverzeichnis die entsprechende Quelle mit einem sog. digital object identifier verlinken. Super Sache, da man dann in dem

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