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Command Keypad

If have to admit, the idea of having some small physical keyboard to bind arbitrary commands to control my Raspberry Pi came up long time ago. After that I learned that you could control the Kodi media center running on that

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Play Youtube videos with XBMC via Firefox or Chrome

I recently discovered the use of the “send to XBMC” feature of the XBMC-Control App Yatse on Android (via Google play or androidpit). However, the search for videos on my small-display phone is not very satisfactory and my XBian does

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XBMC is amazin, it just works!

Again and again I’m surprised by XBMC. Lately I enabled the built-in AirPlay feature for test purposes and was able to stream music from an IPhone device to the media center running on my raspberry pi immediately, while simultaneously controlling

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Der Pi: Ein Multimedia-Server für 40 Euro

Frohes Neues Jahr! Ich habe meinen ersten Raspberry Pi aufgesetzt. Mit diesem ARM-Minicomputer (13cm x 9cm x 7cm) kann man zum Beispiel mit einer angeschlossenen externen Festplatte über die Multimedia-Oberfläche XBMC bequem seine Musik- und Filmesammlung in HD (über HDMI)

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