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Disable google click-tracking

I blogged already about the nicest firefox addons and improving google search by using greasemonkey userscripts. Only recently, I noticed, that the click-tracking redirection by google search is not blocked anymore. To not being click-tracked, please use this userscript, Remove-Google-Redirection,

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Play Youtube videos with XBMC via Firefox or Chrome

I recently discovered the use of the “send to XBMC” feature of the XBMC-Control App Yatse on Android (via Google play or androidpit). However, the search for videos on my small-display phone is not very satisfactory and my XBian does

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DOI links in

After a long period of absence, it is time to share a new tweak with you. Enjoy. Literature research has become very easy during the last decade: using databases of scientific journals you barely have to leave your office searching

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The internet in widescreen view

On today’s large monitors the column-view-internet seems sometimes not to be the best invention. Here is a greasemonkey-script which tells you how to get back the fullscreen-experience of you favorite websites. The GPL-licensed script-file full_width.user.js.pdf (or on pastebin) also includes

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